<<back F1 2019 SEASON LAUNCH

Working with The Chemicals Brothers to launch the fastest remix of all time. Entitled ‘WGTT15000BPM F1 NEEEUM MIX’, the unique brand collaboration with Formula 1 launched the 2019 season.

Tasking the world famous Chemical Brothers to transform their brand-new track "We've Got To Try" into the iconic sound of an F1 car roaring past at high speed.After being broken down, re-engineered and accelerated to 15,000 beats per minute (reflecting the 15,000rpm capability of F1 engines), NEEEUM has become the new global sonic identity for F1 and ‘We’ve Got To Try’ is the sound of the F1 2019 season, along with a barking mad music video, a load of TV ads, social posts, murals and sweatshirts for good measure.

For the F1 tech nerds, we buried the word NEEEUM in the record-breaking sound itself. The WGTT15000BPM remix was audio engineered so that when played through a Spectrograph tool the word NEEEUM appears in the waveform.